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About Danielle

I’m here to help you in the transition from your current status to where you want to be. Prior to raising my family, I spent over 20 years at corporate America - Fortune 500 companies and bring a wealth of professional and personal experience to my practice. I offer a wide range of programs and services - from individual coaching, group sessions, and corporate workshops.

An empty-nester myself, I established my coaching practice to help people navigate the challenges of work, life, family, and everything in between. I come from humble beginnings as a military brat who was raised by a single parent. I transitioned into adulthood and have faced and overcome some of the same challenges as some of my clients; from trouble expanding my family to the loss of a career and home to near homelessness. These experiences and formal education drive my passion to help and give to others.

To contact me, email dw@lifecoachdw.com or complete the contact form here.


  • Danielle has been one of the best life coaches I've came across. She goes beyond listening to what you have to say, she reads into it and helps give you a whole new perspective. Not only that, the questions she asks, with a caring voice, are very genuine. You feel very comfortable, and vulnerable, which does help with any healing or perspective. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone who needs any type of help or guidance in their existing, or new path in life.

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